Tips for a trip

Tips for a trip

A small selection of many tourist attractions in the area, which are located about 2 - 20 km from the house.

Mala Skala - Little Rock

Mala Skala is a tourist locality in the Jizera valley below the rock wall of the Vranov ridge. The dominant feature is the rocky Vranov ridge. There is a lookout on it, as well as the remains of the Gothic castle Vranov. There are several typical wooden Pojizerská buildings in the village. The most famous is Bouček's farm with a restaurant and a small gallery. Above the village rises the mighty ridge of Suché skály, which are a popular destination for climbers.

Prachovské skály - Prachov rocks

Prachovské skály is a sandstone rock area, a nature reserve and part of the Protected Landscape Area Český ráj, which lies approximately 5 to 7 km northwest of Jičín between Prachov, Dolní Lochov and Blaty. The rock massif was formed during the Mesozoic as a sediment of a shallow Cretaceous sea. are one of the most famous areas of the Bohemian Paradise.

Zámek Hrubý Rohozec - Hrubý Rohozec Chateau

The Hrubý Rohozec state chateau and national cultural monument is located in the town district of the same name on the north-western edge of the town of Turnov, in the Hrubý Rohozec district. The castle, surrounded by a small English park, offers visitors a tour of more than thirty richly furnished rooms, which previously served as representative and living rooms for members of the French count family Des Fours Walderode.

Hrad Kost - Kost castle

Kost Castle is a Gothic castle standing similar to a number of castles on a rock - but not high above the surrounding terrain, but in a valley, hidden in the forests of the Bohemian Paradise. Its foundation dates back to the second half of the 14th century. After the Thirty Years' War, he escaped the fate of other castles destined for liquidation, but from the middle of the 18th century he was abandoned. After World War II, it was renovated and opened. The castle is one of those whose distinctive silhouette is not forgotten, the Bones mainly due to the typical square tower. The interiors feature a large Renaissance black kitchen.

Hrad Trosky - Trosky castle

The ruins are a symbol of the Bohemian Paradise and one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic. The altitude of the highest point of the castle - the Tower of the Virgin - reaches 514 meters. The castle was founded in the fourteenth century. He played an important role during the Hussite wars, when it belonged to the lords of Bergov and, together with other castles in the area, formed a significant support of the Catholic party. The castle withstood two sieges at that time and was not conquered until 1469 by the army of King George of Poděbrady.

Suché Skály - Dry rocks

Suché Skály -Dry rocks   is a very popular tourist area of the Bohemian Paradise near the village of Malá Skála, which was declared a national natural monument in 2000. It was formerly known as Kantor's organ. Rock towers with a height of several tens of meters form a long ridge with a plateau. They are also very popular among climbers.

Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně - Bozkov dolomite caves

The Bozkov dolomite caves are located one kilometer north of the village of Bozkov in the Liberec Region, Semily District. It consists of the largest cave system in northeastern Bohemia and is the only one made of calcareous dolomite. The caves, which are a geological locality of national importance, have had the status of a national natural monument since 1999.

Hrad Frýdštejn - Frýdštejn Castle

The main landmark and the best preserved part of the castle is a large castle tower, built on the highest rock. It measures 15 m, its diameter is 9 m and it has a two-meter thickness of masonry. While the main tower resists time, the former wooden castle buildings have completely disappeared and the walls are only partially preserved. Many rooms and cellars were drilled into the soft sandstone. One of the rooms served as a chapel. The fairy tale About Princess Jasněnka and the Flying Shoemaker was filmed here.

Zámek Sychrov - Sychrov chateau

The castle complex is a unique example of a neo-Gothic aristocratic residence of the second half of the 19th century. In addition to the chateau building with original furniture, the chateau grounds also include an extensive chateau park. The castle has been a national cultural monument since 1995. In 1998, Sychrov had the second largest collection in the Czech Republic after Konopiště Castle, comprising 48,750 registered items

Hrad Valdštejn - Valdštejn castle

One of the oldest is Wallenstein Castle, built high above the valley on three sandstone monoblocks. We can see its dominant if we pass by train or bus from Turnov to Jičín - it rises visibly on a rock high above the valley